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Here you will find all the delver information required to play in an Apocalypse Dungeon Delve.

The dungeon delves are a very player light role playing experience. These are meta-game dungeon delves, where the player themselves will enjoy being challenged by tricks, traps and puzzles throughout the session. Most often player and character are distinctions that are unnecessary and are simply referred to as “delvers.”

It is expected that while these are single session delves, they are meant to be played multiple times through, where many of the variables in the dungeons change each time around and are determined randomly by the GM. The delvers are encouraged to work as a team to get through the trials. Even when a character dies, the player who played that character is encouraged to keep helping the party out, brainstorming, and adding to the experience.

The draw and fun of a frustrating challenge is often the ability to track progress, which is why the dungeon delves have a point system built in. That way a delver may track his/her progress across each attempt. The delver with the highest points has bragging rights within the group and may recount his/her deadly adventure.

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