Players do not be discouraged when your character dies. These dungeon delves are specifically be made to challenge delvers and meant to be deadly. Death is not the end of a character within the Apocalypse Dungeons, it is merely an inconvenience.

A character will inevitably die (possibly many many times through.) When this happens put your pouty face on, stomp your feet a little, record your character’s name, time of death and mode of death on the campaign Death Record sheet. Start the 5 minute death timer and add -50 points to your point total.

Feel free while waiting for the death timer to pass, feel free to give helpful insights and ideas to the still living delvers. This is a meta-game dungeon delve. A character death does not mean the player should stop participating.

Once the death timer has reached 0 take your new (or same) character, make sure the character is at full strength as if a session just started, put it with the rest of your party and continue delving.

Note: Any treasure that the delver acquired while delving the dungeon is immediately lost upon death.


Apocalypse Dungeons Deathbydoughnut