Character Creation

Hit Points convert to Wound and Vigor points. A delver always gains maximum vigor points at level up.

Ability Points, 25 point buy.

Only standard core races.

When determining base saves with ability modifiers Fortitude use the higher of Str or Con, Reflex use the higher of Dex or Int, and Will use the higher of Wis or Cha modifiers.

Favored enemy bonuses cannot go towards wound and vigor points.

Delvers gain access to equipment without hassle in Pathfinder Hardcore. Building a character who can withstand the brutal onslaught of each dungeon is admirable and every advantage should be given to the delver.

During character creation a delver has near unfettered access to any and all non-magical equipment as well as all magic items whose individual cost does not exceed ½ character wealth by level table.

Delvers are banned from choosing items that are consumable, have single use, or any item with charges. Also note each Apocalypse Dungeon has the effect of non-detection and dimensional anchor throughout.

½ Wealth by level. (Maximum individual item cost)
Newb: N/A. Level 1 characters only have access to all non-magical equipment.
Low: 5,250 gp.
Mid: 31,000 gp.
High: 120,000 gp.
Epic: 440,000 gp.

Hero Points
At the beginning of each session each delver gains 3 hero points. Hero points may be regained throughout a session however a delver can only have a maximum of 3 hero points at any one time. If A delver gains a hero point while already at the maximum, the new hero point is lost. Hero points are spent on various effects meant to give the delver an advantage over random chance.

Difficulty Tiers
Each dungeon has been built to be played at different difficulties which the delvers may choose before the session begins. Many of the puzzles, traps, and difficulties of a dungeon are randomized. So that each play through is surprising, challenging and different.

Newb: Level 1. Delvers begin play at class level 1.
Low: Level 5. Delvers begin play at class level 5.
Medium: Level 10. Delvers begin play at class level 10.
High: Level 15. Delvers begin play at class level 15.
Epic: Level 20. Delvers begin play at class level 20.

Character Creation

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